I thought we were camping. They had a decked out RV.

You have to be careful who you agree to spend time with.

I feel like I am too trusting when it comes to other human beings and it often gets me into hot water.

Or, extremely hot and miserable camping experiences. This was the case last summer when I agreed to go on a large camping trip with some people who I didn’t know very well. To be honest, they seemed a little bit over the top when getting to know them… But I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. When they invited me on a beautiful camping trip in the mountains, I thought that I heard judge them too harshly in the beginning. I showed up at our camping spot on the agreed date and was desperately searching for their vehicle. That’s when they told me that they had rented a massive RV. Apparently, rather than camping they would be spending most of their time inside the brand new, temperature controlled recreational vehicle. Of course, I had no idea that they intended to utilize modern air conditioning for the entire camping trip. They sat inside of the huge RV and operated a backup generator for power which energized the large air conditioning system inside. All day, they basked in the comfort of the central cooling device and occasionally poked their heads out for a minute or two to ask about the progress that I made building a fire. The whole camping trip was swelteringly hot and humid, and I had absolutely no help with the outdoor tasks. I suppose I could have retreated to their indoor air conditioned haven so cool down for a minute or two, but I refused to step foot in their modern AC monstrosity out of principle. Never again.

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