Podcast feedback; your Heating plus Air Conditioning sucks

For about four months now I have been running my own podcast.

I truthfully never thought that this would be something that would take off.

I actually thought that I was just going to make a few episodes before I got frustrated plus gave up on the whole venture. However, I’ve been seriously surprised at the reception of my deranged little radio show. Let me be clear that I have no idea what I’m doing plus I don’t have costly device for my podcast. Sometimes I suppose that people prefer the grassroots nature of my publication… Until people start complaining about my central heating plus cooling system, recently I was checking out the reviews plus I observed that there were quite a few which mentioned my indoor air handling devices. Apparently, because I’m recording the podcast in the comfort of my condo you can hear my air conditioner clicking on plus off in the background. Every time the cooling system kicks into gear there is a loud disruption on the recording. As the air conditioner component continues to pump high-quality treated indoor air through my vents you can honestly hear the sound of the air in my ductwork. Worst of all, every so often the A/C component makes an unsettling banging sound due to its age plus yearly wear plus tear. I know that I should call a professional heating plus cooling specialist to take care of these assorted air quality issues, but I’m not making money from my podcast yet. I enjoy making my radio show even though I am getting tired of people making fun of my indoor air handling devices without contributing new ones.

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