Son lost house; setting up guest suite

I knew that this was going to be a rough year when I started reading my astrology.

Every astrologer that I checked into was telling their readers to buckle up for difficult times in 2020.

I truly believe their predictions about the world and changing circumstances in our lives, so I was ready for whatever was coming next. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for my son to lose his house and wind up staying at mine. The day that my son told me he needed a place to live I realized I was going to have to change a lot about my living circumstances. Namely, my heating and cooling system was going to need a full overhaul. If he was going to come stay in the house with me I was going to need more powerful indoor air quality control devices to handle the extra load. My son is extremely particular about his indoor air temperature. He is also extremely smelly and requires a lot of additional air filtration. Thank God, I came up with a better idea than renovating my entire central heating and cooling system. I decided to set up a guest suite for my son so he could control his own indoor air temperature control settings and leave my central HVAC system alone. I was able to easily convert the garage into a second living space, complete with its own indoor air handling controls. All I needed was a mini split ductless heating and cooling system to control the indoor air quality in the separate space. Now, my son is living comfortably in his own indoor air and I don’t have to worry about his smelly effects on my living situation.
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