Air conditioning takes care of humidity too

It’s not going to be too much longer before I hear that chorus of heat pumps firing up again.

But man, it has been so nice to be able to enjoy the quiet when sitting outside.

During our winter, there is very little demand for heating. So the heat pump rests and that provides all sorts of peace and quiet for me. But as we move on into February, I’m relishing this last bit of winter. While I certainly hate it for folks up north who get battered with horrible cold and lots of snow and ice, I sure love this kind of winter. It’s the sort of winter that I grew up with but completely took for granted. That all changed when I took my first job out of college. I ended up way up north where you had to have a gas furnace or a boiler to keep you warm during the winter. That tuned to me in real quick to just the sort of winter I wanted to experience the rest of my life. So as soon as I could, I turned my back on the gas furnace and welcomed the heat pump back into my life. As much as I love the winter weather down here, I know that I have to pay for it with the heat and humidity that’s coming. It won’t be long before I call to have the HVAC technician come out to do the air conditioning tune up. But without air conditioning, living here would be torturous during the summer. Not only does the air conditioning provide the cooling comfort we need, it also balances the humidity in our homes.

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