Be sure you pay attention to the HVAC warranty

It’s been about four years since we had the residential HVAC replaced in our home.

We inherited the last heating and cooling equipment when we bought the house.

At the time, it was not even ten years old and got the green light from the HVAC professionals. So we went with plenty of HVAC maintenance and got another decade and then some out of that old HVAC unit. Once we upgraded to the latest in residential HVAC and HVAC technology, I was thrilled at the level a comfort in my home. The process of replacing the HVAC equipment was pretty painless. The HVAC contractor was really great and did a super job when it came to helping us get the right HVAC unit for our house. But I was also just so excited after the installation that I didn’t do something the HVAC contractor suggested. The HVAC professional suggested, among other things, to really pay attention to the HVAC warranty. First, it was imperative that I register the HVAC warranty with the factory within the first 60 days. I was able to do that, thank goodness. But I didn’t read the warranty the way I should have. And that resulted in me voiding the warranty about 2 months ago. I came home to find HVAC unit not working at all. So I tried working on it which is clearly forbidden in the HVAC warranty. Don’t be like me. Read the warranty for your heating and cooling equipment and leave repairs to the HVAC professionals. I had to learn that the hard way and I’m still kicking myself for voiding that HVAC warranty.
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