Contemporary office design

It is the right blend of feminine, classic, and comfortable

I recently changed jobs! I went from doing an office job where I reported to work to now working strictly from home! Being at condo is great. I cherish that I have adjustable hours and can do it from sweatpants most of the time, then there are points in my afternoon that I need to be on video calls. The video calls used to be quite stressful. I realized that my background was all a faint gray color! My walls, bedspread, pillows, and even rug matched. It was a gross blob in the background, however so I called in an interior designer to help me out. The person changed my office into a contemporary style. I kept my dark gray rug but now I have light tan walls and darker wood furniture. My bedspread is a brown, black, and yellow splash that is super cool. I even have fake plants, pictures, and other interesting knick knacks that make my space look great, now on a video call it looks modern, edgy, and you guessed it, contemporary. My office desk is way bigger and has more storage. I feel like a real time professional at it. I even have a cool lamp that I can pull over the desk to add some more light. It is the right blend of feminine, classic, and comfortable. I feel that investing in your office when you work from condo is a must have. Iw ouldn’t have been comfortable taking video calls in my old set up for genuinely long. Now I am more than enthusiastic to be on a call.

French style furniture