Helping my mom with some residential HVAC

I have a mom who has been as independent as they come.

She always told us that’s why our father left.

Mom said that she was just too tough for him. And honestly, I could believe that. My mom raised us on a small plot of land with a small, three bedroom house. That place had no central air conditioning but it was home. Mom worked a tough job at a nearby plant to provide for us. With the hours that she put in, us kids were left to do a lot of the chores around the house. But we all turned out better for the experience. My mom is now retired but getting her off that land just isn’t happening. She’ll die there I’m totally sure. However, she did recently agree to taking some help from her children. The days of loading firewood into the wood stove are over for my mother. It was time that she actually had some decent residential HVAC inside her home. The summers can get plenty hot in her place so having some air conditioning was something else that we really wanted her to consider. It was a tough fight because she really didn’t want to accept any help from anybody. But we finally talked some sense into her and she let us bring over an HVAC contractor. This HVAC professional was just awesome. He helped us figure out what was best when it came to the heating and cooling comfort we wanted for our mom. We ended up with a multi split ductless heat pump that provides incredible quality heating and air inside my mom’s house. And that’s one less thing that we have to worry about.


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