HVAC upgrade comes with all kinds of HVAC technology

While we’re just weeks past celebrating Christmas in this house, I got my big present in October.

But it didn’t come without some stress before I finally received it. My awesome present was the latest in residential HVAC and a whole mess of HVAC technology. While I knew that HVAC technology has advanced over the last 25 years, I have to say I’m overwhelmed by how much. The heat pump that went out of here in the back of a truck was one we put in 26 years ago. It was the first appliance my wife and I ever bought. We got a steal on our house all those years ago and one of the reasons was because the residential HVAC was so old. With plenty of HVAC maintenance, we got every bit of our money’s worth out of that old heat pump. But we ended up rolling the dice to see if it would get through one more summer before we replaced it with new heating and cooling equipment in October. It was a tense summer as the heat pump definitely got a bit overwhelmed by August. And the air conditioning costs began to spike a bit. But we got through to October when the HVAC professionals installed our new HVAC unit. Again, I can’t believe all the HVAC technology that comes with this thing. There’s zone controlled HVAC as well as smart thermostat inside the house. And the SEER rating on the equipment is triple what the old one was. So HVAC technology is making it much cheaper to enjoy quality heating and air in our home.



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