Indoor air quality can improve with small HVAC change

The pandemic really turned things a bit upside down in our home.

But we are super grateful to have come out the other side without anybody having serious problems from the virus.

That’s something to count our blessings over. But there is another positive that came out of the last two years. I’m definitely paying way more attention to my health and that’s a direct result of the pandemic. For sure, focusing on my health was well overdue and it’s a shame I had to wait for a global health crisis to snap out of it. I’m in my mid forties and I’m finally getting in decent shape. The company I work for sent us all home to work from the central air conditioning of our homes. I was surprised that I actually took to working from home. It simply freed up my schedule and I was able to commit to a more healthy lifestyle. From the very beginning of working from home, I made sure I got out of the air conditioning for a walk a couple of times a day. And that just grew from there. My diet changed, I lost weight and I even got more into exercise. With that focus on health, I also wanted to improve the indoor air quality of my home. And I was able to do that in a way that didn’t cost me a whole bunch of money. I simply replaced the cheap air filters that I was using with HEPA filters. They remove more than 99 percent all the contaminants in our air. And that’s a big improvement.

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