Make ductwork cleaning a part of Spring cleaning

I never would have thought that December could be one of my favorite times of year.

That’s because where I grew up, December plus December were brutal when it came to cold. I could hardly leave the house plus all the heating from the gas boiler… Luckily, I went to school in the south plus ended up getting a job down here after I graduated. So I have been enjoying these beautiful winters for a long time now. The weather is particularly nice this time of year where I live. It does not get a whole lot worse than maybe the mid forties at night plus I can deal with that. The heat pump hardly even comes on throughout the winter. I can prefer this weather for another couple of months before the uneven temperatures begin to rise again. Spring arrives early around here plus that comes with an increase in temperature. So the a/c comes on much sooner down here than it does where I used to live. That also means that Spring cleaning comes earlier as well. I do not know if it’s just tradition or what but, I particularly do like to deep disinfect the house at the start of Spring. And part of that deep disinfect is having the HVAC professionals come out plus do the ductwork cleaning plus ductwork resealing. I like to get this done just about every year. It particularly does improve the indoor air quality plus control the dust. On top of that, making sure that the ductwork is completely sealed maximizes the efficiency of the heat pump. And our heat pump will be running to give cooling in our home up to 8 months of the year. So that makes a large difference in a/c costs as well keeping our indoor air quality good.


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