Taking care of one of our own with help from the HVAC company

There’s is one constant in my adult life.

And that is the fact that I really stay grateful for the life I’m so fortunate to lead.

I come from pretty humble beginnings. I didn’t even have residential HVAC in our home when I was little. And that was back in the 90s. We had a wood stove to provide all the heating we ever would need. But there was no central air conditioning to enjoy some cooling over the summer. Coming up that way really was good in other ways. My parents were proud people and taught me always do my best and give thanks for what I had. Well, after four years inside the radiant heating of my college dorm room, I got out of college and got a great job. From there, I’ve been really lucky to enjoy my work and make a great living. My wife and I live in a really nice home with all sorts of amenities and the very latest in residential HVAC. We don’t have any children and so we make sure to pay it forward in other ways. So when we found out that my wife’s cousin had her entire world turned upside down due to the pandemic, we wanted to help. Our home has a basement and we decided to turn it into an apartment for this awesome lady. She just needed a place to feel safe and get back on her feet. The HVAC company really helped us out by providing and installing a ductless heat pump. I have to say that the residential HVAC in the basement really does set that space off as its own apartment.

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