We landed the best HVAC contractor for the best residential HVAC

My wife and I sort of had a loose plan when it came to the day that the kids were all out on their own.

While we definitely were fine with things changing, as they do in life, we were also making plans.

And the fact that the old heat pump finally died sort of put those plans into action. Since we were going to have to replace the heating and cooling equipment, then we were selling the house. That meant doing a bunch more renovations as well so we could get the best price we could from our home. Not only did we get an enormous amount of money for our family home, we found the perfect HVAC contractor. The amount of money that we made on the family home allowed us to continue leaning into the plans we had sort of made earlier. We decided that we were going to build a custom home but much smaller since it was for two people and a dog. But we really wanted to go heavy on the amenities and have the sort of design that we wanted. Thankfully, the HVAC professional that did the installation of the residential HVAC at our old house was free to put in our new heating and cooling equipment. And our new HVAC unit was one that took real expertise as it is a geothermal heat pump. This is one of the most sustainable forms of HVAC but it takes precise installation to get the most out of the benefits of the geo heat pump. But in the end, we love this house and our quality heating and air is the best we’ve ever experienced in any place we’ve lived.