I Bought Her a Thermostat Lock Box

One of my best friends is a single Dad with two teenage boys.

I enjoy her two women & I consider them family because I’ve grown up watching them.

They are easily wonderful youngsters, but they’re kids which means they’re going through a lot of swings, all these swings bring a lot of emotions to their household. My best acquaintance is always telling me about the various challenges she’s facing. Most recently, she explained how frustrated she was with her women changing the thermostat settings, then she’s told them countless times that they aren’t allowed to alter the temperature because it affects the utility bill, but they don’t fully understand. One of her women is always complaining that it’s too tepid & the other is always complaining that it’s too cold. This makes it easily hard to set the thermostat because it’s always a losing situation for her. I told my best acquaintance about the appealing benefits of a smart thermostat, even though she didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a new thermostat. I explained how she is saving money because her women wouldn’t be changing any of the settings & compromising the efficiency, even though she still wasn’t convinced. I was determined to help her, so instead of a smart thermostat, I went out & obtained a clear lock box to go over the thermostat. There was one key & she could keep it hidden. My best acquaintance was blissful when she opened the gift & she installed it immediately! She claims that the thermostat lock box has changed her life dramatically.



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Heating as well as A/C mishap Nightmare

I have always enjoyed interior design, however decorative pillows, throws as well as dishware have always intrigued me. I appreciate that you can change the look of a room with a quick interior substitute. I recently purchased a attractive white armchair for my kitchen. I found it at an antique shop for a even-handed price as well as decided to purchase it that afternoon. I was so excited to get my new chair in the room as well as decorate with pillows as well as a throw blanket. The afternoon after I got it set up in the kitchen, I noticed that the air conditioning was not functioning properly in the kitchen. Irritated, I contacted the local Heating as well as A/C business as well as put in a request for a visit. I was not household when the Heating as well as A/C worker got there, so I had my son let him in, and he went to work in the attic, which happened to be directly above the kitchen, but when I returned I noticed a dark stain on my brand new antique arm chair! The Heating as well as A/C worker had accidentally spilled a dark substance in the attic as well as it was leaking onto the chair from the ceiling. He must have heard me yell because he came swiftly out of the ceiling as well as down to the kitchen, then once he noticed he stain, he instantly apologized as well as gave to have the chair replaced I accepted his apology, but there was no replacement for this identifiable armchair. I told him that it was one of a kind, as well as he felt awful.

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Expecting it to Be freezing Outside as well as Overdressing in a Warm Climate

Living in a region where the temperature outside fluctuates so often can be difficult when it comes to deciding what to wear on a afternoon to afternoon basis, however there are many afternoons where you wake up to cool, crisp weather as well as by mid-day, the temperatures have climbed to the mid to upper 70s! Deciding what to wear on afternoons like this can be a challenge for many people, especially those who work outdoors.

Fortunately, I work in an office where I can control the temperature indoors to accommodate my attire for the afternoon; Periodically, I wake up to a cold cold property thinking that the temperature outside must be even colder.

That being said, I had been known to overdress for what I thought was going to be a cold afternoon, and it is not unofficial to see people in our region wearing jackets in scarves only to walk out of their homes to a charming hot as well as sunny afternoon! Often times, if this happens to me, I will not turn around as well as change my outfit, however recently I decided to wear a knit jacket as well as the temperature outside was 70 degrees by the afternoon. In order to compensate for the lack of cool weather, I decided to adjust the temperature control in my office to 69 degrees in order to stay comfortable; Although I was comfortable throughout the afternoon, some of my colleagues were complaining that it was too cold.

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Replacing brakes in car, while being really cold in shop and no furnace

My boyfriend owns a auto body shop in our town.

He gets a lot of calls from people and is always busy during the week.

Basically he is on call all of the time. We were enjoying our time together on the weekend when he received a call from a friend. His breaks needed to be completely replaced. So since I was with him and didn’t have my car I had to tag along. It was in the middle of winter and he had no heat! I knew that this was going to be at least 2 hours of sitting in the cold. I told my boyfriend that he needed to go to our local HVAC provider and talk to them about installing a heating and cooling system. I don’t think I could ever go back to the shop again during the winter time just because of how cold I was. There came a point where I asked if I could have the keys to his car so I could sit in his car and turn on the heater. Also I feel like he would even work better if there some kind of he and his auto body shop. I even told that there are electric portable heaters that he can I don’t think I could ever go back to the shop again during the winter time just because of how cold I was. There came a point where I asked if I could have the keys to his car so I could sit in his car and turn on the heater. Also I feel like he would even work better if there some kind of he and his auto body shop. I even told that there are electric portable heaters that he can buy. It may cost a lot on buy. It may cost a lot on his electricity bill each month but it will allow some form of heat to circulate in his shop.
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Receptionist at an HVAC business

Ever since I was a young girl I’ve been told that I have an excellent personality.

I’m a very outgoing person and I have always enjoyed being around the company of others. This personality trait of mine has allowed me to land successful jobs. Now that I’m much older I’m starting to take on jobs that are less demanding. When I first started my career I was in a well known customer service business and I was the number one seller for 5 years in a row. I highly believe that my persistence and determination is what allowed me to achieve my dreams. Now that I’m in my late forties I have carried on my customer service skills to a local HVAC company. I work with a lot of potential customers or our normal customers calling about their appointments and asking about the different kind of services that we offer. First I’d like to tell our customers that we are highly trained experts in the heating and cooling industry and we have been named one of the best HVAC companies in our state for 2016. I do go on to tell our potential customers that we offer a wide variety of services such as heating, cooling, plumbing, insulation installation and repair services on all parts of HVAC systems. The one service that we offer that beats our competitors is our 24/7 emergency service. No matter what day or what time it is we have plenty of HVAC emergency technicians on call to meet our customer’s needs. I love where I work and having the capability to talk to our customers daily.


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I tend to sleep in at least 20 minutes longer. I try my best when this happens to be on time for work. I'm never late but when I am late it's only about 2 minutes and I still feel terrible showing up late to work. When I am running late that means my morning routine of getting ready is shortened. There are times where I will have to skip breakfast or I will just bring breakfast on-the-go. Or I will take a quicker shower than normal. If I do take a quick shower that means I can not dry my hair because I am very pressed for time. There are two alternatives when it comes to drying my hair. Obviously when I am on time I dry my hair with my hair dryer, or other times depending on whether the season is summer or winter, I will use the heating system or cooling system in my car. I will crank up the heating and cooling system in my car and put the vents directly at the bottom and top of my hair. This actually works for me and has helped me getting to work much faster. I've also dried my hair through my pellet stove. Since it is blowing out just as much heat as a hair dryer and as my furnace would, I use the vent from the pellet stove and put my hair near it. I don’t put my hair super close because I realize that the temperature can burn and dry out my hair.

Excited for winter and can’t wait to turn on furnace

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Starting a new job and freezing

I thought graduating from college a semester early before all of my friends was going to be a piece of cake.

Unfortunately it has not.

Trying to find a job before I have to pay my student loans in a couple of months has been a pain. I’ve applied to over fifty jobs, been on at least twenty interviews and still nothing! It’s ok, I’m not going to give up just yet. While I’m trying to find a job that I went to school for I’ve been working a few days of week bartending. Bartending is fun at times but on weekends it gets very busy. The tips that I make are decent and I save them on the side to start paying off my student loan. Last week I had training and the first night that I was there I was freezing. I asked the manager who was training me if the heat was on. She told me that it wasn’t and that they weren’t going to put it on until more customers showed up! I already knew from a few other people that she wasn’t a good manager. I won’t be here very long it’s only until I find a job. But what kind of manager doesn’t put their HVAC system on. I could see the thermostat from the bar. You don’t know how badly I wanted to put the temperature up high. It was set to 67 degrees but I was cold. After about an hour more people showed up. The manager went to the thermostat and flipped on the switch for the furnace to go on.

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Waking up in the middle of the night and having to turn air conditioner on

My husband and I just bought ourselves a brand new furniture set.

Our old furniture set we purchased from a garage sale about ten years ago, so we figured that it was time to upgrade our furniture set. Our bed was a queen size so some nights it wasn’t very comfortable. However these past few nights have been even more uncomfortable going to bed. It didn’t help that I was coming down with some kind of cold but I thought our new king bed was going to be much more comfortable. I was wrong. I went to bed and woke up drenched with sweat. I had a feeling that my fever broke. I decided to make sure that I saw the doctor’s the next day because I didn’t want to get even more sick. When I woke up feeling very sweaty, I couldn’t sleep. I got up, walked downstairs and turned our air conditioning on. It was the first week of spring and it was still cold out. But I couldn’t go to bed feeling hot. I switched my thermostat to cool and set the temperature down a few degrees. I went to bed somewhat relieved that the air conditioning was on. Hopefully the cool air coming out of the vents will aid to the sickness that is coming over me. However before my husband wakes up in the morning I’m going to have to shut the air conditioning off and switch it back to heat because he’s always cold. Plus I don’t want him to complain that he’s freezing when he gets out of the shower.


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Noticing that there was a bconnecting light on my temperature control

When I was a little kid I could sleep for hours on end, i had no complications going to bed and falling asleep instantly; Now that I’m much older it takes me a legitimately long time to fall asleep.

Normally what I willdo is if I can’t sleep i’ll go and get a drink of water or turn the TV on because for some reason the TV does help me fall asleep, and the other night I woke up and went into my family room, however when I went into the family room I saw my temperature control bconnecting, however my temperature control is situated right on the wall near my family room and family room.

The light was legitimately bright and it was different to me that the small light was flashing red. It kind of was intimidating because any type of flashing red light means something is serious. I had no idea what the flashing light meant so I went to find the temperature control manual. What I study in the manual was that the flashing light was indicating to me that the outdoor component was locked out. This means that the outdoor component is completely shut off due to an issue! Because of the issue that was going on with the outdoor unit, it sent a signal to the temperature control letting me know that there was a problem. I thought this to be a legitimately advanced piece of technology and I had no idea my temperature control could do that. It was 3 a.m. in the day and unfortunately my heating and cooling business was not open to take any service calls. I finally fell asleep and when I woke up I busy an appointment with my Heating and A/C supplier to take a look at the locked out outdoor unit.
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My parents heating system may be oversized

My parents have a house that is pretty old.

They still live in the same house that I was born and raised in.

The house is about 45 years old but it is still in great condition. My parents are much older now and the things that they could do ten years ago they can’t do now. My dad used to be so strong and could carry heavy things around the house. He was very handy and did a lot of the landscaping and reconstruction of their home. Now that he’s much older he doesn’t keep up with the landscaping. I’ll go over to my parent’s house just about every weekend to do the landscaping and help them. Recently they called me up about their new HVAC system. They had an HVAC system put in last week by an HVAC technician. The other day when I was talking to my friends they told me that I should have went with the HVAC technician that I did for my parents. I asked them why and they told me that they are known for not putting in the right size HVAC system. Therefore when my parents called me the other day about how loud their HVAC system was sounding I figured that they must of had the wrong size system in their house. My parents told me that the fan was set to the lowest setting and they couldn’t even hear themselves think. I’m going to call another HVAC provider to take measurements and see if the HVAC system is oversized.


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